Burning and Yearning

I burn to love.

I yearn to learn.

I burn passionalty.

I yearn for peace.






At the end of this ‘cold road’ Are the four horizons to hold The oceans and the mystery The mountains & the history The distinct drought to host That, which quenches thirst To me, …Are three, not four That …captures the outdoor To you, …there is no secret That’s the exile, that’s the let To […]

via Road. — Ricardo Sexton

FIRE STORM — keithgarrettpoetry

FIRE STORM Like a tornado it appears suddenly, out of nowhere it attacks, Burning heat that rages on a path of destruction without remorse. Visible fire, a monster that with its touch can make life disappear, With the help of natural wind this creation man made or not builds strength. It consumes without fear, tireless, […]

via FIRE STORM — keithgarrettpoetry