Adeventures of Little Froggy & Fox

  Once their was a little Froggy who lived in a quiet valley. The valley was a nice quiet place to live. But one day the little Froggy was bored and decided to go on an adventure.


The next morning the little Froggy was ready and set off on his adventure this will be the first time he set foot outside the quiet valley. After taking hsi first step outside the quiet valley the little froggy meet a little Friendly Fox. After chatting with the Friendly Fox the two became friends and decided to go on an adventure together.

 Along the way the two new friends came across a lost little bird and decided to help the little bird find his way home. But the llittle birdy was so far from home they decided set up camp for the night. After a good nights sleep and a little breakfast the three new frends headed to find the little birdy’s home.

After a few hours the three friends found little birdy’s home and had a nice lunch with the birdy’s family. After lunch little Froggy and little Friendly Fox played with little Birdy until it was time for them to head back to the Quiet Valley.

After saying goodbye little Froggy and Friendly Fox headed back to the Quiest Valley an upon arriving home the friends both said “That was fun but lest wait a while before we go on our next adventure.”


IF I WALKED ALONE — keithgarrettpoetry

IF I WALKED ALONE Sometimes we wish and find there to be another side of It, When this world appears to be too much for me to handle I sometimes wish that there were no people In this land. If I walked alone at times I might think a dream come true, No noise would […]

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The Dragon and the Wolf

Once upon a time long ago there lived a dragon named Maude. Maude had scales as red as ketchup. Her best friend was a beautiful wolf. The wolf’s name was Pearl and her coat was silvery gray. Maude and Pearl loved to have “girls’s” day out adventures. Once, for their weekly get together the decided to go to the woods.

Maude and Pearl loved to have “girls’s” day out adventures. Once, for their weekly get together the decided to go to the woods.

Maude stretched her enormous wings and flew them deep into the woods. Pearl used her strong sense of smell to hunt deer for them to eat for lunch. Maude used her claws to catch some yummy fish.

They both drank from the magic waterfall and soon they looked like regular girls.Maude looked like a pretty red-haired girl, a friendly smile lighting her face.Peral became a lovely Native American Women her face full of mystery and wisdom. Only their eyes still looked wild.

Disguised to look like normal people, they went to town. No one screamed for once, or running in terror from the dragon or the wolf. Children played with them in the park. Girls wanted to talk to them. No one was afraid the were going to be dinner.

After awhile, though Peral missed the smells of the woods. No rabbits played in town and Maude missed flying high in the sky with her friend.

Game On: Hearthstone (Shaman Arena – Games 7-9)

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Chris goes solo this week with the rising phenomenon that is Hearthstone! Spoiler alert: He’s not the best player in the world, so you’re not about to watch some high-end play here. Instead, be amazed as we battle our way through the lowest tiers in the game!

NOTE: This run was actually from a few months ago, back when I knew a lot less about the game. So some of the commentary is a little, well, wrong. But that’s part of the fun!

Have a game you want to see us suffer through play next? Let us know in the comments or by sending us an email.

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