Eldevin Overview — Pallies Unite

Eldevin is a 3D browser-based multiplayer roleplaying game, set in a corrupt fantasy world on the brink of war. Join the Eldevin Army or the mages of the Arcane Council to help protect the Eldevin Kingdom, which still hasn’t recovered from the tragic events from a decade ago, from threats coming from all directions. The game […]

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A Word About Eldevin Classes — Pallies Unite

There are no character classes in Eldevin, however, there are Talent Trees which work in the Particular archetypes. The base difference between them is the character’s damage output vs. defense balance. Characters can capitalize on their strengths by wearing archetype-appropriate armor and weapons, but there are no restrictions to equipping items in regard to your […]

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Bottled. — Ricardo Sexton

Send me in a new direction, by my own To where “footsteps” tells me: ‘I belong’ With dirt under my nails & drenched hair I’m unable to inhale, locked somewhere The dreams are all in foreign language As the compass spins around aimlessly Hopefully for the way back, the bandage To follow the storms, the […]

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Final Fantasy 15 fastest selling game in series history — At the Buzzer

After extremely positive reviews, and a drought of a good, single-player Final Fantasy game since 12, reports from Square Enix state that day one sales across boxed and digital versions for Final Fantasy XV have exceeded 5 million, making it the fastest selling title in series’ history.

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Lord of the Rings Hunter Class — Pallies Unite

The Hunter is a ranged combatant, with powerful damaging abilities at range, that are very limited in close combat. The hunter also has wilderness skills such as traps and tracking. Special traps can be purchased or made by crafters. Due to their ability to use traps Hunters are excellent at soloing against a single target, […]

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FROM EYES OF A WINTER CHILD — keithgarrettpoetry

FROM EYES OF A WINTER CHILD It’s almost Winter, it will be cold and the snow will fall, I’ll put on my boots and warm clothes for an outside adventure. My friends and i will make a snowman and throw snowballs at each other, An Amesbury Winter with Icicles hanging from the roofs. The woods […]

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Bookmark. — Ricardo Sexton

Turn to the pages, get off the front cover Learn the stages, just enough to discover Your mean mugging is filled with fright Gather the lemoning & hill the limelight Push in. Clock in. Pause the false feeling Don’t shush or cluck. Mask off. Be willing Try’s ancienting, while win still benching Life lays between […]

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