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So,enjoy what you have today..Worrying, anyways won’t solve your problem..Enjoy and have fun..

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The Dragon and the Wolf

Once upon a time long ago there lived a dragon named Maude. Maude had scales as red as ketchup. Her best friend was a beautiful wolf. The wolf’s name was Pearl and her coat was silvery gray. Maude and Pearl loved to have “girls’s” day out adventures. Once, for their weekly get together the decided to go to the woods.

Maude and Pearl loved to have “girls’s” day out adventures. Once, for their weekly get together the decided to go to the woods.

Maude stretched her enormous wings and flew them deep into the woods. Pearl used her strong sense of smell to hunt deer for them to eat for lunch. Maude used her claws to catch some yummy fish.

They both drank from the magic waterfall and soon they looked like regular girls.Maude looked like a pretty red-haired girl, a friendly smile lighting her face.Peral became a lovely Native American Women her face full of mystery and wisdom. Only their eyes still looked wild.

Disguised to look like normal people, they went to town. No one screamed for once, or running in terror from the dragon or the wolf. Children played with them in the park. Girls wanted to talk to them. No one was afraid the were going to be dinner.

After awhile, though Peral missed the smells of the woods. No rabbits played in town and Maude missed flying high in the sky with her friend.

Delicious Feelings — Cristian Mihai

Originally posted on Lebensbornnovel’s Blog: The joy of discovering that something ordinary has become extra-ordinary! Kanab, Utah, is a little town which might have been overwhelmed by the nearby mighty canyons. However, what stands out for me is the Rocking V Café. An artist has a gallery upstairs in an historic two-story building . The café on the first floor…

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Game On: Randomized Pokemon HeartGold (Part 65) — At the Buzzer

Chris finally goes off the deep end and starts a playthrough of one of his favorite games: Pokemon HeartGold! But there’s a twist: most of the world has been randomized! Can he defeat all 16 gym leaders when Johto and Kanto are barely recognizable, and just about anything goes? And who might show up to […]

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Nature’s Law — ROXI ST. CLAIR

She is the law that rules us all. Engineer of all things green claws, fur, and feather — all the wildlife seen. She is the sea and undertow tidal ebb… and flow the movement of cloud sand, earth, and sky clapping thunder falling rain… and deserts dry. She is purple of pansy and velvet of […]

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A FEARFUL WEIGHT — keithgarrettpoetry

A FEARFUL WEIGHT Taken for granted the treasures of life, Gifts from god bestowed upon the mortal man. All that he dreams is for our eyes to see, Health and happiness, love of those whom in return hope for love. A fearful weight upon ones shoulders, pain in the mind, worries of the day, A […]

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