Eldevin Review From A Gamer Dad

I recently started to play this new MMO that Steam was advertizing. I thought it’s free so I figured I would try it out. The graphics are not the greatest but the game play is fun it reminds me of Runescape mixed with a bit of D&D.

The Story of Eldevin:

“Eldevin Kingdom, for generations, has been a green and peaceful land. All that changed ten years ago with the discovery of the Elemental Spheres. Once thought to be mere legend, these powerful magical artifacts had an immediate affect on the kingdom, plunging it into confusion and chaos. The royal family decreed that the Spheres be scattered to the corners of the world lest they cause more destruction. They were too late. The presence of the Spheres corrupted the Champions protecting them. Now Tristan, Emperor of the Infernal Empire, has set his sights on conquering the Spheres. Only the Kingdom of Eldevin stands in his way.” https://www.eldevin.com/content/overview

The game its self does not have a set class that you pick they however have a set of class skills that you can allocate points in any of these skills to follow your playing style.

List of Classes:

  • ClassiconTemplar Templar: (Tank) This class can draw enemies and take their damage.
  • ClassiconWarrior Warrior: (Melee Damage) Allows you to take down multiple targets.
  • ClassiconAssassin Assassin: (Melee Damage) Mastery of quick damage and damage over time.
  • ClassiconRanger Ranger: (Ranged Damage) Specializes in shooting with bows with powerful abilities.
  • ClassiconMage Mage: (Spell Damage) Can use powerful magical spells to deal large amounts of damage.
  • ClassiconProphet Prophet: (Healer) Heals your allies with powerful spells.

Also you have crafting and gathering professions to choose from. You allowed to choose all gathering and crafting professions or just pick a few. Here is a list of the gathering and crafting professions:



Fishing — Catching fish. The fish can be used in the Cooking profession.


Skinning — Skinning creatures you have killed. The produced meat can be used in the Cooking profession and the skin and hides are turned into leather that can be used in the Leatherworking profession.


Farming — Growing various crops on designated farming plots. The harvested materials can be used in Cooking and Tailoring.


Foraging — Picking fruits and other parts of plants, that can be consumed directly for health and energy or used in the Alchemy and Cooking professions.


Forestry — Cutting down trees and making them into planks which can be used in Weaponsmithing.


Prospecting — Mining ore and turning it into metal bars and ingots. The bars can be used in Weaponsmithing and Armorsmithing, and ingots can be used in Jewelry.


Crystal Cutting — Mining quartz from deposits and turning it into gemstones that can be used in Jewelry.



Cooking — Cooking different food items that can be consumed for faster health and mana regeneration and various temporary stat boosts.


Leatherworking — Turning leather into leather armor (medium armor).


Tailoring — Turning cloth into cloth armor (light armor).


Alchemy — Mixing potions that grant instant health and energy and other stat boosts.


Weaponsmithing — Using metal bars and sometimes timber to create various weapons and shields.


Armorsmithing — Turning metal bars into metal armor (heavy armor).


Jewelry — Using metal ingots and gemstones to create amulets, charms, and rings, that all boost various stats when equipped.


I really was not sure what I was going to think of this game but I like Eldevin. The game has many choices and that gives us a chance to play a game with our own play style and not a preset style that everyone has to follow. I give this game  a 4 out of 5 Stars.


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