Neil Finn – “Dizzy Heights” – A (distorted) review…

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Eye Will Not Cry


So, I was asked recently about my affection for Neil Finn and his music. “Why? What is it about him?” – I shrugged my shoulders and said I wasn’t overly sure.

Truth is though, I lied. I do know exactly what it is about Neil Finn and it’s kept me with him for over 20 years.

It is multi-faceted and not something easily explainable, but deep down, I know.

His voice, his melody’s, his lyrics, his energy, his banter on stage, his wit (Which can be seen in the next 2 brilliant clips), his sincerity, I could go on.

His songs give me comfort, they bring me joy.

At live gigs, time stands still and I lose myself there. Immersed. I connect. I have a connection.

It’s all I ask from any artist, but with Neil Finn, solo or other, I connect deep.

Now, the thing is… Neil Finn’s songs…

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