Orc Women an Orchish Mythology

The fire burned low, coals glowing in a comforting manner as Aunt Garbo’sh tucked the little girl orcs into their furry beds. “Now girls, tonight I will tell you why the orc woman has the most important job of all.” One small voice piped up from the nearest pile of furs. “Aunty Garbo’sh? Will you tell us about when orcs were created?” With a smile that showed her well maintained fangs, Garbo’sh responded in a soothing tone, “Of course, my dear, for it is the same story.” Settling down near the radiating warmth from the coals, she cleared her throat and began.

A long time ago, when Mother Earth was young, she checked her lands and seas for someone to keep her company, but found no one to talk to. She checked the sky, but it was always dark, with no stars, no source of light. Sadly, she called out to Grandmother God. “Please, O Mother, I am all alone. I love you, but you have other children that live too far away for me to speak with. Might you create children for me to play with, to take care of, and to love as my own?”

Grandmother God listened to the sorrowful request, and then thought for an age. Finally, when Mother Earth thought she would be ignored, Grandmother God spoke up. “My children are my greatest joy, and my heart breaks at the thought that you would be so lonely. If I created children for you, you might never know the joy I know for creating, so instead, I shall make two suitors, and they shall fight for you by turns.

With that, she created Father Sun and Father Moon. Every day, Father Sun rose into the sky, showing Mother Earth beauty. He struck the leaf of the tallest tree with the first bolt of sunlight, and eagles came to be. He shone with fierce brightness, and the flames of his face warmed the heart of Mother Earth, for truly, who is immune to beauty? She smiled back, and that day, mankind was born of the fiery bonds of first love.

That night, as Mother Earth smiled at her young children and mourned the fact that she would not see her first love for many hours, she decided to look up into the sky, and saw a cooler face, but equally beautiful. Moon and Sun were both made to love her regardless, and so Moon spoke to her.

“Beautiful Earth, you are lovely with your lands and seas. I would grant you a special gift!” The Moon shook like a dog leaving a pond, and the sky filled with stars. Moon smiled and said, “These are nowhere near as lovely as you, but I wanted to give you some way of knowing my love for you.”

Earth mourned the quick passion she felt with the Sun, and said, “Truly, your gift is beautiful, but I have created children with Sun, and he is their father.”

Moon was touched that she would also have feelings for him, and suggested a compromise. “Sun cannot shine all day long, and will always leave, just as I must leave when daylight comes. However, I promise to come back at night. I will occasionally depart to find you treasures, but I will always come back as soon as I can, and always will I return with presents for your children, whether they came from me or not.” So touched was Mother Earth that she literally split apart, torn by duty to her firstborns and remembered heated passion of the Sun versus the deeper, quieter love she found herself feeling towards Father Moon. So, after three nights consideration, after which she found that Sun did leave her every day and Moon did come back every night, she agreed to have children with Moon also. Thus were the Orcs born.

In keeping with Father Moon’s promise, men go out and hunt, bringing home dinner as a present for their loved ones. Just as Father Sun and Father Moon competed for the affection of Mother Earth, so do the races that are her offspring- this is why Humans and Orcs fight. In keeping with Mother Earth’s gift of life, females bring forth life and raise them up, that they might keep her children races in good health and favor. That is why an orc woman has the most important job of all- the creation of new life. The End.

Seeing that her nieces were asleep, Aunt Garbo’sh smiled and crept outside for tomorrow’s firewood.


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